Orchid is the new black

Orchid is the new black
It was quite a busy weekend for Hollywood as the White House Correspondents Dinner and the Met Gala gave the most “it” celebrities a chance to strut their stuff.  Whilst flipping though images of both events, I detected a pattern – orange may be hot right now but purple, more specifically orchid, was the hue that hogged the spotlight. Everyone from Lupita Nyong’o to Joan Smalls to Beyoncé to Selena Gomez was rocking some derivative of this shade on their lips, eyes or even in their gown.

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Project Organization – Or – How to Put Your Obsessions on Display

For anyone who has spent more than 20 minutes with me, it’s no secret that I am a bit of a neat freak. On job resumes, I like to refer to it as “hyper-organized” but really I have to refrain myself from rearranging my friends’ medicine cabinets…which can get awkward. Anywho, when I moved into a new (smaller but oh so darling) apartment this year, I knew I would have to be creative when it came to storage. Efficiency is just as important as aesthetic so I took my time until I found the perfect pieces to help me show show off my other obsessions. Scroll down to see more!


Thanks to this chrome shoe rack, all these fabulous shoes have the chance to be seen and they deserve it. They work so hard.


Tangled necklaces are never a problem – this vintage dress form keeps them in check. 



Apothecary jars allow me to pick my poison and perfect my pout.